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Monday, November 21, 2011

Soaring Like An Eagle!

We are soaring like an eagle around here for 2 reasons!
First on the list was a special award yesterday.  It was one of those proud parent moments as our oldest son officially pinned on his Eagle Scout award!  I don't usually make my blogging a place for parental boasting but I just had to make this one exception:)  For those of you who know scouting, this is a tremendous feat of perserverance. Not only was it the culmination of 11 years of scouting, it was a celebration of a boy becoming a man.  It was a very emotional day, to say the least!
I read this poem...barely making it through without a tearful breakdown:)

An Eagle Mom's Poem
It's every mother's dream to see,
her son grow tall and strong.
To teach him what is right to be,
to keep him from the wrong.

Mom so loves that little boy,
and uses all the skills at her employ.
She teaches him the things she can,
and hopes that he'll become a man.

He learns that words can hurt or heal,
that words can change the way we feel.
He learns that truth is right and good,
to treat his fellow man the way he should.

He learns that where there's greatest freedom in this world,
there also stands his Nation's flag unfurled.
He learns to live by faith and love,
to always trust in God above.

The years have passed and in their wake,
a taller straighter lad there stands.
And mother's pride is great indeed,
her little boy is now a man...
An Eagle Scout.

I really don't like this photo of my self but I really like it of son and dear husband:)
The scouting symbol (fleur de lis) is dear to my heart.
The 2nd reason for our soaring is that we got official word about COLLEGE...YAY! He was accepted by this fantastic University!
We are just elated....Praise God, we have so much to be thankful for!
He is soaring like an eagle and so are we!
Now off to enjoy every minute that he's still here in the nest:)


  1. Tiffany, this must have been very glorious for you as a parent, to see your son rise to the rank of Eagle Scout. So few people make it that far, and your son has shown perseverance and determination all the way I am sure. And then the news of University of Dallas' acceptance of your son (how could they NOT???) and that must have just elated you and your hubs and your son too! what wonderful occasions to celebrate and thank Our Lord for such a strong and faithful son. I love the photo of parents and son :)

  2. Congratulations! Sending you an email about UD!

  3. Boast away!! You have got a lot to celebrate! Congratulations to your son on both accounts. I love the picture and I think you look fabulous! Thanks for sharing your happy moments. :)

  4. Congratulations to everyone!!! Great job to your son and to the proud parents who guided his ship. :) Thanks be to God!!

  5. Congratulations to your son!! What exciting good news for him. My son is a first year Boy Scout and we've seen some older scouts make the Eagle rank and it is no ordinary accomplishment! Well done!

  6. Oh my goodness!!!!! This is amazing!!!! Did you write that poem? I could not have made it through without crying. It was emotional just to read it from my end.

    So happy that he received his acceptance paperwork and really looking forward to seeing you again friend!!

    Give him our regards and congrats!

  7. I LOVE the picture of you three!!!

  8. I am just now discovering your blog and love the fact that your son will be at UD. My husband and I received our certificate in Biblicl Scholarship from UD and loved the school and faculty.

    This makes me think you must live close. I am in Fort Worth.



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