Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Sunday, January 1, 2012

New Year Prayer

New Year Prayer
By: Charlotte Anselmo

Thank you, Lord for giving me
The brand new year ahead.
Help me live the way I should,
As each new day I tread.
Give me gentle wisdom,
That I might help a friend.
Give me strength and courage,
So a shoulder I might lend.
The year ahead is empty,
Help me fill it with good things.
Each new day filled with joy,
And the happiness it brings.
Please give the leaders of our world
A courage born of peace
That they might lead us gently
And all the fighting cease.
Please give to all upon this earth,
A heart that's filled with love,
A gentle happy way to live
With your blessings from above.


  1. Thanks for this lovely prayer! I enjoy your blogging so much, and I love the way that you make incorporation of the liturgical year into family life so accessible.
    I would be honored if you would link up a post on my Link-up this week:

    Happy New Year to you and yours!
    Pax Christi,

  2. a beautiful poem. Happy blessed New Year to you and your family, Tiffany!

  3. Happy New Year right back to you,ladies...And Ave Maria! Thank you for the invite, Michelle! I'd love to join so will be by for a visit soon:)

  4. Happy New Year! You are a blessing!
    Annita +JMJ+

  5. A beautiful prayer for the children to pray each morning before school during this month of January!

  6. Happy New Year Tiffany! Thank you for sharing such a beautiful prayer and photo! May God bless you in 2012 and always!

  7. Annita, thank you so much. I am incredibly humbled that anything I write may be useful to others. Thank you too, Patty and Tracy:) I am grateful for the bloggy feedback!


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