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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

St. Valentine "Socks of Love"

Just thought I'd share a St. Valentine "Socks of Love" service project idea that I'm heading up for our Parish Youth Group.  It would be a great service project for just about any group or even an individual family! 

I came up with the idea after hearing about the ongoing need for travel-sized toiletries at our local homeless shelter.  I had recently read about a similar sock stuffing service project over at Our Sunday Visitor's Teaching Catholic Kids for the Feast of St. Nicholas.  From there, I adapted the concept for St. Valentine's Day and coined the term Socks of Love, especially since  
~Spreading the *Love of God* is the Main Mission~
We are hoping it becomes an annual service project!

Essentially, a recipient receives a new pair of socks (one sock stuffed inside the other) with all the goodies they might need for personal care, including the love of God shared by compassionate hearts. 

[I've even thought about making a few extras to keep in our car for our children to give out when we pass someone in need standing on a street corner.]
After doing a little test sample, I discovered that about 12 items make the perfect fit!

We are also enclosing these {free} printable St. Valentine's Day cards from Crafolic.  They fold up to a perfect small size for the socks:)  Thank you for helping us share God's love, Jennifer! 

...Along with a St. Valentine Holy Card!
Sharing the love of God through scripture and prayer is a great way to love the less fortunate.  You never know when you might be holding out a lantern for someone else to see the light of Christ.

I put together a little flyer to help with soliciting donations for the project so hopefully it will be a success!
The tags and ribbon I picked up at the Dollar Tree;)

"Amen, I say to you, what you did for one of these least brothers of mine, you did for me."
~Matthew 25: 40~


  1. Oh, that's is wonderful, Tiffany!! It's absolutely beautiful! Also, thanks so much for mentioning my printable Valentines!
    May God bless you for all your good works!


  2. Hi Tiffany! What a great idea to make St. Valentine's Day more than just a holiday with chocolate!!

  3. This is a great idea! I'm going to file this away for our pro-life kids group. And I love the idea of keeping some in the car to give when you come across someone in need/on the street corner asking for money. Thanks!

  4. Love this, Tiffany! Forwarded it on to two other homeschool groups. Thanks for sharing!

  5. What a wonderful idea! It's so easy to do this, and the benefits are so many. I think I may make a few and if I see someone, asking for money, I'll hand this out.
    Thanks for the lovely inspiration.

  6. Tiffany, this is wonderful. what an idea to keep some in your car for those times when we see homeless or people in need. I love this.

  7. Just wonderful! What a sweet idea!

  8. This is such a wonderful idea! This could so easily been done at home. My dh will keep little snacks in his car to give out to homeless people, but this is an even better idea, especially in the cold Michigan weather.

  9. This is a fabulous idea! I especially like the idea of keeping some in the car; when we go to Chicago there's always someone to help.

  10. Love this idea Tiffany! The sock acting as the "bag" is a nice touch and so practical. Thanks for sharing.

  11. Hi Tiffany,
    Can I borrow this idea for our Little Women group next month? The lesson is about bringing hospitality to the community. I'd like to have the girls fill some cute, cozy, slipper socks and bring them to Mary's Shelter

    for the mommys to bring to the hospital on delivery day.

    I hope your healing is steadfast and not too painful;)

  12. So glad you all found this a helpful idea:) Please feel free to pass it on and share it forward! Thanks for all the feedback...I'm really excited about this project!

  13. I love your Socks with Love idea. I would love to do this for my community.I want to put on a big vendor event and have people donate items. Can you give me some advise on how to go about it?
    Thanks, Brandy

    1. Hi Brandy~ I am SO sorry that my reply has gotten lost in the shuffle! When we did this project at our parish, we just made a flyer and also posted it in our church bulletin to solicit donations. We asked for the socks, as well as the travel-sized items. I actually still have the flyer that I can e-mail to you since we are doing this service project again this year. Just let me know. Upon collection of all of the donations, we just gathered as a group to fill the socks. It really was a fun, easy, project that served a wonderful purpose. Our local homeless shelter was so appreciative! Let me know if you have any other questions and God bless your efforts of love!

  14. I just found this on Pinterest and love it! We always put our things in plastic bags, but socks is a wonderful idea! Thank you!!

  15. I'm going to use this with my first and second graders at Bible camp. We have this scripture that week. Thank you! and God bless your ministry.


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