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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Litany For The New Year

This is the Nativity that sits near the altar in our parish.  I love that it's just the right size for little ones to peer in and say hello to baby Jesus!  
It's still up and we enjoy stopping by there as much as possible...Christmas isn't over yet:)

As we enter the final week of the Christmas Season, before going back to Ordinary time next week, many of us are heading back to our school routines.  I was reflecting upon all of my hopes for getting back on track when I ran across this beautiful Litany in a little book treasure of Blessing Prayers.  It summed up many things that were on my heart so I just had to share!

Litany For The New Year
R. Father give us this day our daily bread
  • For the grace to live in the present moment: R
  • For the ability to recognize divine providence in what appears to be coincidence: R
  • On all new resolutions to live by faith in the pursuit of happiness: R
  •  For the strength to honor all my promises and commitments: R
  • For a rectified use of my time: R
  • For wisdom to set proper priorities and schedules: R
  • On all new projects: R
  • For the virtue to be determined and deliberate in all my dealings: R
  • For thankfulness when offered a second chance: R
  • For the will not to procrastinate: R
  • For the insight to make new plans well and to follow through with them faithfully: R
  • For constancy in consecrating time to God each day: R
  • For the discipline not to waste time or to dawdle or trifle: R
  • For the courage to have hope in facing the future: R
  • For the ability to be on time: R
  • For the freedom from rushing and franticness: R
  • For the grace to savor the gift of time: R
  • For the right respect of deadlines and due dates: R
  • For devotion only to what really matters: R
  • That God will be the Lord of my mornings: R
  • That God will be the Lord of my afternoons: R
  • That God will be the Lord of my evenings and nights: R
  • For blessings on all new beginnings: R
Closing Prayer
Most merciful Father, with the Lord one day is like a thousand years and a thousand years like one day.  Throughout every moment of this New Year, keep me united with the Lord Jesus Christ so that I might live fully alive in the power of the Eternal Day of your Son's Resurrection.  I ask this through Christ our Lord.


  1. Beautiful!

    As well as your family & blog!

  2. Just made a copy of that for my fridge! Thank you!


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