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Sunday, January 20, 2013

Things That Fly

This little guy would certainly fly, if he could!
I was thrilled to capture such a fun photo:)
In fact, he flies around here most days...buzzing like a bee, not so much in a hurry to land any where...Or any time for that matter:)  Moving at a rapid speed of any kind of play is his game.  And that's the perfect life for an eight (soon to be nine) year old.
I'm trying to remember these things, appreciate these things, the simple things, that make me smile as I watch another thing fly by...
Where has my baby gone?
She'll be 5 soon.
How did we gain another teen so quickly?...
High School next year!
And my oldest child will be 20 this year (yikes)!

Which reminds me to cherish "oldest/youngest" moments like these:)
I know it sounds cliche but it's still worth repeating and reminding myself over and over again. Like the wind that blows, time flies...."Enjoy the moment, each moment," I tell myself.
Well, yes I did...for once!
We did it....
The weather beckoned and we went!
I'm not always good at this.  In fact, I'm terrible at being spontaneous, especially without my husband.  That being said, I always welcome help in this area:) College boy was home to encourage and prod so we did it...Dad was working so the rest of us packed up at the spur of the moment and headed out for a hike, not sure where we'd end up!
That's SO not-like-me the "master planner":)

After option A failed, we ended up here, a couple of hours from home, just outside of San Francisco at the foot of the Golden Gate Bridge.  There's an old Army Fort to explore and some foot paths a long the Bay and up in the hills (headlands) that lend these amazing views on a clear day. 
I feel a little guilty showing off this glorious weather that we've been having. *wink*
Don't get me wrong, it hasn't been all that warm...Most mornings we are scraping the ice from our windshields before Mass.
Chilly and all, it sure has been stunningly, clear and bright around here.
I'm not a photographer, by any means, but I had fun capturing some interesting shots!
I sent this one (above) to my son and said "Your future looks bright!"
Love this one in the tunnel too...
Can I just say that I love being outdoors.
I am restless until I get there.
It draws me out of my rigid routine,
promising freedom as God draws me to Himself in His natural world.
All spirits renewed!
College boy is back to his Texas college now.
 We sure enjoyed having him home for a whole month!
Feeling blessed, I look toward the horizon with peace...Waiting for the next moment to seize, watching carefully for things that fly!


  1. Gorgeous pics,gorgeous family! I'm glad you took the chance to be spontaneous. In my experience,those have always been the best of times. Thanks for sharing!

    1. Thank you, Candy! So glad you stopped by:)

  2. Oh, you make me want to go outside! But our "outside" is like 12 below zero right not really.

    Love all your pictures!! What a fun post, glad you were able to drop everything and answer the call outside!

    1. Oh my goodness, Jamie, it's for people like you that I felt guilty about tromping around in the sunshine, knowing others are still knee-deep in snow and freezing temps! Thanks for stopping by:)

  3. What a fun school day you all had, and isn't it amazing when we make such amazing memories to look fondly back on? You had a wonderful day. In 20 years the kids will be talking about that day trip at the holiday dinner table :) Great pictures, especially of your little man flying. Best wishes to H. as he begins his second semester of college!

    1. Thanks Patty, you are so right! I really want to be in better business about making more memories...Time is just flying by too quickly and it's SO precious. Thanks for the good wishes for H. We were so thrilled he made honor roll...He's shooting for Dean's List now that he made it through some difficult sciences! Have a blessed MLK day:)

  4. what a lovely post, Tiffany. a day with the children in the beautiful outdoors, visiting a new spot (and a nat'l landmark, to boot!) appreciating the sky and weather, and water and stillness of eveything (except for the wind!) -- it can't get any better than that! patty's right, your children will remember this day and days like it for a long long time. I'm saying a little prayer for you today; I know it must be difficult to say another good bye (or rather until later) your son, Our Lady is wrapping your in her arms.

    1. Oh Gardenia, THANK you so much for your Mama prayers...I need them. It's so darned hard to say goodbye every time!!!!

  5. That's one of our favorite areas to hang around! While we do occasionally enjoy an adventure in the city, we always look across the bridge and wonder why all those people are huddle over there when there is so much beauty to enjoy on the other side- and it is rarely crowded! Beautiful pictures and so glad that you got time with your college boy!

    1. How funny, Laurie! We were commenting on similar crowds huddled at the bottom of the hill and no one at the top (Marin headlands) where the views were glorious. Love those little "local" secrets:) We are going to Free Homeschool Aquarium Day this year, are you guys? Our date is next Monday! We are so excited:) One of these days we will have to meet!

  6. What a lovely day you all had! I LOVE that pic of your little one with your oldest too. SO sweet! Time really does pass to quickly these days and it is hitting me hard this past year as my oldest rounds the corner to ELEVEN!! How the heck did that happen??? Seems like just yesterday he was in my tummy. We all need to slow the pace down a bit like you did and just ENJOY our little ones as much as possible. The world and the busy pace can just wait.

    1. I'm with you, Ann-Marie....I'm really trying to enjoy as much as possible! Hugs those sweet boys tight...I know you will:):):)

  7. Once again, you have brought tears to my eyes! ;) My youngest is four... my oldest, twenty-five... this is the longest since my husband and I married, that I have gone without being pregnant (seven living children, six miscarried already with our Lord), and I am trying desperately to cherish every moment of this little one's life! I cherish all of my kids, of course... absolutely... but there is something about knowing that she is the last. A tremendous amount of joy in the gift that she is, but there is a sadness that I am struggling with. Her siblings are feeling it as well... they, too, miss having a baby in the house.

    Sharing too much! Thank you, Tiffany, for being able to put into words so often how I am feeling! God bless...

    1. Oh Annita, I truly feel what you are saying! You are not sharing too much at all. I will be 47 this year and there is definitely a shift in my outlook on life. There are many changes that go on in the forties but this is a new (and big) one for me. Where I am now is definitely a very reflective place to be, to say the least! Trying to hold on and let go at the same time is enough to keep me on my knees, if it doesn't drive me batty first;-) {hugs} and blessings to you, dear sister in Christ!


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