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Sunday, January 27, 2013

Walk For Life (West Coast) Photos~2013

Well, it was a beautiful day in San Francisco to Walk For Life...And that stands for more than just the weather.  Last I heard the numbers were 40,000 but it sure seemed like more!  What can I say? It was an honor to be there and words can't express the magnitude of HOPE that is witnessed in such an event.  Thank you for all who prayed...on behalf of the witnesses here and for LIFE.
I think the photos speak for themselves!
We rode with a local parish who took 5 buses!

Our friends and prayer warriors...
American Heritage Girls represented:)
Rally location~Civic Center~Downtown SF

These are dear friends who are like family...we've spent years in Youth Ministry together among many other things!  They are true warriors for the faith...+God Bless Fernando and Debbie for their loving witness!+
We loved seeing the nuns since we don't have any around our area! They're Rock Stars in my book:)
Loved the "signs!"
Old man with a walker...My hero.
Our 2nd son on the upper right:)
...And my favorite photo of the day (below) speaks volumes.  Oh Mama of all Mamas, please pray for us.
*A big thank you to Debbie for letting me borrow her phone camera to finish taking pictures, as mine died half way through the day*


  1. Beautiful!!! Just beautiful!

    If we don't meet before next year, let's meet there!

  2. Wow! It must have been awesome to be there. Those type of things always make me teary eyed. To be surrounded like so many like minded people, must have been a thrill. Thanks for sharing your photos!

  3. AWESOME!!!! All the different signs...oh my! So touching, truthful, and powerful at the same time. I must say, I love these signs more than those graphic ones. What a great experience for your kids. And it all looks so opposite to the anger that comes from the other side in so many ways!

  4. AMAZINGLY AWESOME, Tiffany!!! What fabulous photos!!! I almost feel like I was there. You really captured the spirit and enthusiasm of everyone there. I love the banner you made too. What a fantastic testimony for you all :-) May God continue to bless you all!

  5. Your photos are amazing! It looks like the Walk for Life had an awesome turn out.

    May God bless you and your family for standing up for unborn children!

  6. we missed eachother (again) but we were united in prayer. ALL FOR!

  7. wow, what an outpouring of love for Life!! I love your posters and all the signs in the photos !!

  8. Fabulous! All those together in person and those in spirit for the unborn! Thank you for sharing your photos Tiffany! Your heart is grounded in His Truth and you shine bright with His love!

  9. Wow these pictures speak SO LOUD and SO beautiful and warms my heart how awesome people are! :)


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