Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Lenten (And not so Lenten) Tidbits

We are a little over half way through Lent and I found this post that I forgot to publish!  We've had 4 birthdays to celebrate in the last 6 weeks so that's kept us hoppin' just a bit...
These are just a couple of little photos and things to share, better late than never:)

+Lent is (still) in the air+ 
Loved capturing this photo on my Ash Wednesday walk...Seems like long ago, now.
It was as if as we were receiving crosses on our foreheads, God was giving them out in the skies above!  

I finally found a watermark app (used above) so I've been playing around with it and love it!  I've been wanting to protect my photos for quite some time and finally did it. I especially love that you can use the app prior to download.  If you have an iphone, I recommend iWatermark!  (Just a tidbit, not a Lenten one;)

We stumbled across this children's book "The Ant and the Elephant," by Bill Peet. Just love it!  It's a delightful tale that illustrates the scripture teaching "Do unto others as you would have them do to you..." (Luke 6:31) We checked out a copy from the library but if you are a teacher or have several little ones at home, it would be worth the purchase.

A friend of mine recently introduced me to this amazing version of the Divine Mercy Chaplet, by Remnant Band.  You can download an MP3 version for $3 and it's worth every penny! I downloaded and converted mine to itunes.  It is upbeat enough that I was actually able to jog to it.  It's simply an awesome song for an awesome prayer.  We have also been playing it for background music while we are schooling and I've taken it to the abortion clinic as we pray during the 40 days for life:)  It's also a beautiful way to pray the Divine Mercy novena that begins on Good Friday!

A prayer to share...
(If it spoke to my heart, I take it as a prompting from the Holy Spirit to share...Taken from the Magnificat Meditation of the Day on St. Valentine's Day)

Oh, when shall I perfectly die to myself and be free from all creatures? 
Oh, would that I were truly meek of heart and humble;
truly poor and naked in spirit.
Grant, O Lord, that by perfect self-denial, perfect mortification of my vices I may arrive at perfect love of you.
You have commanded that I should love you: give what you command and command what you please.
Grant that I may love you with my whole heart, my whole mind, with all my powers, with my whole soul.
Deign to heal and to reform the powers of my soul, broken and corrupt by sin, by the powers of your most holy soul.
Free my soul from all distracting cares; strip from it the images and forms of perishable things.
Grant me to dwell with you in the sanctuary of my soul; grant that by steadfast thought, clear knowledge, and fervent love I may always be able to flow into you.
~Blosius The Venerable~
1566 Abbot of the Benedictine abbey of Liessies, France

And a fun tidbit for upcoming St. Patrick's Day...This was a meaningful (and easy) crafty mobile to make, all free and a generous courtesy of Sanctus Simplicitus.  What a great reminder of St. Patrick's gift of teaching the Trinity!

Finally, my rockin' theme song for Lent...Some of you young ones may not know this tune but it's a blast from the past!  Any guesses on who the singer is?
I know, it's probably kind of corny;)
(You may have to manually turn off my blog song in the side bar to hear it!?)
Do you have any Lenten tidbits to share?


  1. We love Bill Peet! I can't remember the title right now, but he has a story about a caboose that we love. I can't believe I can't remember, I must have read it a million times! :)

  2. You had Miss C rocking out to Pete Townshend :) That is a beautiful track to the chaplet and did you see that it is FREE on Fridays. Yeah for take beautiful pictures and should get all the credit for them! Your St. Patrick's mobile is CUTE!! I honestly think Lent is moving quickly this year. BTW, Looking forward to spring and the end of April ;)

  3. So cool to find another version of Divine Mercy, thanks so much for sharing!

    Fun post!!

    Lent is going quick and slow at the same time--make sense?


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