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Thursday, March 7, 2013

Resurrection Tomb Terrarium

I have been admiring the different Empty tomb~Easter gardens that have been floating around cyber space for the last year or two.  I especially love Lena's Empty Tomb Easter garden over at Joyfilled family.  This year, as I was moving with intention around Hobby Lobby picking up supplies for a different Lenten project, an offshoot idea of the Easter garden came to me. 
Call it Holy Spirit inspired?

It's a Resurrection Tomb Terrarium
all enclosed in one small vase!  
This would make a great Holy Week or Easter (season) project and it's so simple for a group, class, or family at home.  The best part...
It never dies!  
Isn't that fitting?
And it would also make a great gift:)
I got all supplies @ Hobby Lobby!
Estimated cost= $2.00 each.
(We will be doing this project with our American Heritage Girl's group:)
Vases: (est.)$1.20 each
Natural Moss
Mini terracotta pots
Small river stones
Backyard twigs
Small piece of white felt and tootpick
Back yard stone for the empty tomb

My 10 yo daughter did a few all on her own...Super easy!
Step 1:
Layer small pebbles
Step 2:
Add a little moss
Step 3:
Place mini clay pot for tomb, then add more moss on top
Step 5:
Make small tomb garment with toothpick and white felt or cloth 
Step 6:
Make twig crosses for Calvary
Step 7:
Place larger stone to the side or slightly across the tomb...
Hallelujah, He is Risen!
We actually made a few to give away and also made some mini-size tomb terrariums as well:)
Other than the moss being a little messy, this was a no-fuss, super easy project!
It's a simple and beautiful way to celebrate the glory of the Resurrection, especially with those helpers who have precious little fingers:)
Hallelujah, He Lives!


  1. "Moving with intention around Hobby Lobby" -- love it! And not easy to do! I love your twist on it. I too have eyed the lovely Resurrection gardens. One year I would like to do that with my kids.

  2. Lovely!! These turned out just lovely!! What a great project.

  3. Hi Tiffany, what a great idea! It is perfect for little hands and imaginations. Plus inexpensive. I love Hobby Lobby! May God bless you and through you to your AH girls!

  4. Beautiful Tiffany!! Like all you do!! I shared it at Familia Católica:

    1. Great to hear from you, my friend! Thanks for stopping by and for the link-back, Xhonane! Hope you are doing well out there in Catholic bloggy land:) Wishing you and your family a blessed Lent as we have entered the final stretch:)

  5. Great idea! I am going to make one of my own design, but really think yours is neat. Surprisingly not really any others out there besides yours. Happy Easter, He is Risen, Alive, and works wonders in us all daily, Halleujah! :D


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