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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Good Shepherd Sunday Celebration

This post is one for the records!
I realized thought I didn't have all the links in one place for the 4th Sunday of Easter, which is always Good Shepherd Sunday.  Then I found an old post that wasn't labeled.  So I did have the links posted here after all. (As I'm more than half way done with this post and spent an hour looking for my sheep template)! Argh. Oh well, I'm finishing this one anyway!  It will be fun for us to look back and see the differences over the years;)
Celebrating Good Shepherd Sunday has been one of our many liturgical celebrations over the years.  Some of the others have come and gone but this one has "stuck" for our family!  (It has officially made it to our annual list of traditions and everyone looks forward to it. Mostly, I think everyone loves the menu:)  For me, I love the reminder that we are the sheep and Christ is our Shepherd.  Like good sheep of the flock, staying closely pressed to Him is the best place to be.
We made these cute little guys a few years ago.  I loved them because they were easy to print out on card stock, color, and fold for each member of our family.  They can be found at the Crayola website.  I also Pinned them so they can always be reproduced if we add more family members or if one gets ruined.  We bring them out to graze the table (above) on Good Shepherd Sunday:)
Each year our menu stays pretty much the same, though our dessert has varied.
Shepherd Pie
{I always use this one from Simply Recipes and add a shredded cheesy Cross to top before baking}
Shepherd staff breadsticks
Green pasture salad
Flock of sheep dessert
In previous years, we have made Flock of Sheep Cookies but this year we stuck to easy peasy Rice Krispy treats since I have a sheep cookie cutter.
This year my Good Shepherd glass candle fell to the floor, broken by me and not the kids this time.  I am able to reproduce it very easily with this link and instructions for a tall glass candle jar. Yay!
Well that's about it.  Praying all of you readers are still feeling the graces of Easter!
When all else fails, count eat sheep:)

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  1. I'm embarrassed to admit I always forget this one! Great ideas, I love how you incorporate food - the kids love that part. Thank you for sharing all of your ideas!


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