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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Lenten Acts of Kindness

Here are a few ideas we place in our Kindness Jar for Lent.  They incorporate Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving:

Acts of Kindness:

Help clean up after a meal without being asked.

Read a story with a sibling.

Go somewhere quiet, think about Jesus, and talk to Him in a prayer.

Draw a picture of Jesus with your family and hang it on the fridge.

Smile at everyone you meet today.

Make a new friend.

Do a job around the house without being asked.

Instead of watching TV or gaming, pray a decade of the rosary.

Pray for someone who you find yourself not liking.

Put your own money in the Rice Bowl for the poor.

Gather some of your toys for the poor.

Help your Mom cook dinner.

Do one of your sibling’s chores without them knowing.

Compliment at least 5 people today.

Tell someone you see today that Jesus loves them.

Give everyone in your family a big hug today, including pets!

Walk or ride your bike instead of driving your car.

Go to daily Mass this week.

Do an extra chore today,that you normally don’t do.

Say a prayer for your Parish Priest.

Say a prayer for more vocations.

Say a prayer for the Pope.

Pray the rosary on your own today.

Say a prayer for your family.

Make a card for someone who is elderly or sick.

Send a note or card to someone/friend you haven’t seen for awhile.

Forgive someone who made you mad or sad.

List what is special about every member in your family, and then give it to them.

Help fold an extra load of clothes or laundry~Think about how Jesus’ clothes were found neatly folded on Easter morning.

Make a present for someone.

Go to bed right away when you are told.

Give a sibling the choice of game or toy you are going to play with.

Tell your parents how much you appreciate them…All their work and their love.

Help a sibling without being asked.

Do an extra chore.

Don’t yell for someone in the house but go ask for them quietly.

The next time someone says something mean to you, say nothing in return.

Spend some time in Adoration this week.

Read a passage from the Bible today.

Read about a new saint today.

Pray the Angelus on your own today.

Say an extra Our Father or Hail Mary for a special intention.

Pray for the Souls in Purgatory today.

Memorize a new bible verse today.

Pray for our deceased relatives.

Kneel and say a prayer of thanksgiving after Mass this week.

Read about the Works of Mercy today.

Share something you love about your faith with someone today.

Tell your siblings that you love them today.

Help your Mom the next time you see her cleaning.

Hug your Mom today.

Hug your Dad today.

Call a grandparent to see how they are.

Give up a special treat or snack today.

Do something nice or say a kind word to an adult today.

Do something unexpected and nice for a friend.

Do something unexpected and nice for a stranger.


  1. Is there a way I can print these out so that I can use them in my jar. I cannot seem to do it. Maybe you have them in a word document already saved and can email them to me? Thanks so much! I really want to do this for lent! Great idea!

  2. I guess I should leave my email. Lol!


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