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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Tiptoe Through The Tulips

We wrapped up our plant study this week with a field trip to a local Tulip Farm!
There are rows and rows of 650,000 planted tulips here!  Isn't that amazing?
Some of them were almost as tall as Angel Princess.  These were her favorite...Yep, pink is her favorite color.
There were beautiful blooming blossoms as far as we could see.
Princess liked the bright yellow tulips the best.
There were sticker bushes to protect the tulips from insects...and humans! So we truly DID tiptoe through the tulips, careful to stay on the dirt path.
The boys didn't stop much to smell the flowers...
But they liked this cool tractor!
The bright colors were captivating to me!
I'm certainly no shutterbug, taking all of these pictures with my iphone...
My guess is that this would be a photographer's paradise!
The tulips are on the tail end of their "bloom" but we still thought they were pretty spectacular.
We took some of these home since they were Lenten in color!
It was great fun (and a good excuse) to spend time with our friends that we don't get to see very often.
All kids got their exercise in the bright sun and fresh air today, not to mention the glorious Tiptoe Through The Tulips!
We took 3 bunches home for $20.  I thought that was a very good price...I felt guilty keeping them all to myself so I went back today and bought some more to give away.  The owners of this farm donate all cut tulips (not purchased) to Senior Citizen Care Homes...That just warmed my heart. They are certainly a good dose of cheer around our house and make for perfect almsgiving.  Wish I could share some with all of you!
These are the Lenten purple ones we chose for the family dinner table.
It was hard for me to get a good picture with the light from this window.  These are pink, chosen by you-know-who...We are looking forward to watching them unfold in their splendor.
And yellow for the dining room.
My pictures really don't do their beauty much justice at all.
But regardless of the photo quality, I humbly thank God for this day to marvel in His wondrous works.  It was a blessing to take a little time to Tiptoe Through His Tulips.


  1. WOW! What beautiful flowers and pictures.

  2. What a beautiful place to go for a field trip! I have a huge soft spot for tulips.

  3. Gorgeous photos! We have just recently started getting buds on trees, we are ready for Spring.

    Thanks for your comment on my last post, it was very helpful :)

  4. They are beautiful! What a fun and colorful fieldtrip. Good mama!

    I absolutely love this time of year seeing all the beautiful colors exploding. My rose bush is HUGE and full of blooms. And Our Lady stands gloriously right next to those blooms.

    Enjoy your tulips and tell little princesses that her pink tulips look super sweet just like her!

  5. I'm envious... tulips are my favorite flower! +JMJ+

  6. I never heard of a tulip farm before. what a peaceful palce it must be. Of course, you all have the nice eather to go with that farm.


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