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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

First Holy Communion No-Sew Pillows

First Communion No-Sew Pillows

These were easy no-sew gifts to make for First Holy Communion!  We made 13 pillows for the other First Communicants in Princess's group. They were a bit time consuming since we made 13 but other than that, a great craft for Princess and I to do together.
I just made my own pattern and cut it out on card stock paper (you could even use a file folder).
These were our supplies, in addition to the felt sheets:
We traced and cut them out...Don't forget to double up the felt sheets when cutting for a front and back to your pillow!
We used a thin fabric marker to write IHS and some white Scribbles 3D paint to outline the host.
We made gold for the girls and brown for the boys:
Next we decorated the outside of the chalice with a little paint and bit of glitter...
Then we added the jewels with hot glue...
This is what the gold ones looked like:
Then we were ready to stuff!  We used hot glue to seal the sides...
The finished products!   We also added the date to the bottom, as shown below:
We gave them out yesterday at the final practice!
This photo (above) was taken before we added the date...
The kids really seemed to like them.  This was the one Princess decided to keep!
I've been trying to decide which color I like best and I think it's the brown.  I really liked this one:
Our prayers are with all First Communicants as they receive this most blessed Sacrament!


  1. Awesome and very unique! +JMJ+

  2. We're going to say a prayer for Princess tonight as she prepares for her First holy Communion. Lovelove the pillows. so crafty and original!

  3. Congratulations to your little Princess. God bless your family at this precious time! =) I love the pillows. I just made an egg pillow at Easter and I used regular glue, it made such a mess on the felt. I wish I would have used the glue gun instead. =) oh well, you live and learn. Again, God bless and can't wait to see your little one's communion pictures!


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