Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Monday, May 30, 2011

Good Shepherd Garden Party~Week 5

We were able to squeeze in a quick and easy Easter countdown Good Shepherd Garden Party this week, despite my travels and other family travels!  We had our party a little early (on Wednesday) before going out of town.
The Theme for Week 5 was Gardner Plants Paradise.  
Our Garden of Paradise Menu:
Owl of Wisdom Pizza
Tree of Life's Leaves Green Salad
Tree of Life's Fruit Cocktail 
Olive Tree Veggie Platter
Palm Tree Punch with straws
Tree of Life's Flower and Roses Cookies
Lily Centerpiece
Lilies and Palm Tree Centerpieces
Palm Trees symbolize strength and persistence of life as they survive in tough conditions.  They also remind us of the palm branches waved as Jesus entered Jerusalem, ready to bring us new life.
Lilies represent a simple and wholesome way of life.  They are also symbolic of Easter and new life.
Our Family Garden of Paradise Table
~Palm Tree "Garden of Paradise" Plates, Napkins, and Straws~
(Thank you, Dollar Tree!)
Tree of Life's Leaves Green Salad
The Book of Revelation tells us that the leaves on the tree of life "are the healing of nations."
Tree of Life's Fruit Cocktail
The Book of Revelation says that the tree of life has twelve kinds of fruit.
The Olive Tree Veggie Platter
The olive tree grows slowly, making it more valuable.  People plant olive trees as a way to give future generations something valuable and holy. 

Owl of Wisdom Pizza
The owl is often associated with the biblical woman named wisdom, often shown with an owl nearby.  The book of Proverbs says that Wisdom is a tree of life to everyone who sits alongside her.
Tree of Life's Flowers and Roses
The tree of life has leaves and flowers and fruit that will make us healthy.  Healthy flowering trees are a sign that people treat one another fairly, that there is justice instead of fighting and misunderstanding.
Roses represent love and devotion.  They are also the symbol of Mary, Mother of God.
We needed 2 pizzas for our family...Here is our 2nd owl.  These were so easy to make with prepared pizza crusts, brushed with olive oil.  Just a little snip from the top of the pizza made the perfect canvas for an owl's head!  We just added pizza sauce, cheese and owl face trimmings.
~"Hoo" says owls are spooky?~
We think they're cute!
15 More Days of Easter!


  1. Ooo! I love your owl pizza. Cute and yummy! :)

    Great party, Tiffany!

  2. The owls definitely have it this week! Cuteness, I mean. I love the owl pizza!

  3. I love the owl pizzas! and those flower cookies are adorable, especially since they were made with little helping hands. We weren't able to fit in our Garden party yet. maybe this week. Yours turned out lovely.

  4. I agree! The owl pizza is very cute!!


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