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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Mary May Crowning

Mary May Crowning
It was a lovely day for a lovely lady!
We held our Little Flowers/Blue Knights Mary May Crowing today.  We also celebrated our last gathering of our homeschool year.  It was a blessing that Father T. was able to join bless us.  He has quite a story about being a Missionary of Charity Father and working with Mother Teresa in his youth.  Having him present was a special addition to our ceremony.  He led us in prayer and procession and we were honored to have him with us.
“The priest today is the one who has been sent also,
to be that living love, God's love for the world today.
The priest is that sign, he is the living flame, he is the
sunshine of God's love for the world…
He is another Christ.”
~Blessed Teresa of Calcutta ~
After the blessing, (Doesn't it look like he was spraying us with Holy Water?)  Father T. and our 4  Communicants led us in the Magnificat/Canticle of Mary prayer.  
Father T. picked  a name out of a cup to determine which girl would crown our Blessed Mother.
The lucky blessed winner was so excited!  Our procession began with the crowning, led by the Communicants while we sang the hymn, Immaculate Mary.
Up the stairs to crown Our Lady...

Then back down the stairs so the rest of the group can bring their flowers.
Our second hymn was Flowers of the Rarest, while the rest of our group brought flowers up the hill to Our Lady. We never did make it to our Hail Holy Queen hymn.
It was a pilgrimage in many ways...
I just loved this photo of two sweet brothers...
By the way, my 12 year old son took all of the photos...I was so pleased with how they came out!  Especially the ones of Our Crowned Mary!  He captured some neat angles...
This is my absolute FAVORITE with the light streaming through the trees!
We closed out our day with a picnic, play time and a cupcake rosary!

The children got to eat the decades as we prayed them...

 I think it's the tastiest rosary they have ever prayed!
I believe Our Lady was smiling...
I know I was!
Note to readers:  Out of respect of privacy, I tried to be very discreet about posting photos of other families since I did not ask everyone's permission.  If anyone sees a photo that they would like removed, please let me know.


  1. Your son did a fabulous job taking pictures! I too love the one with the sunlight streaming in. A beautiful, fun day!

  2. Your favorite photo is my favorite as well. I'm glad you all read the Magnificat. It is such a beautiful prayer, isn't it? And your cupcake rosary...what a wonderful idea! It sure keeps the littles paying attention to the decades, doesn't it? So glad your priest was able to be part of it and the weather looked gorgeous!

  3. beautiful post. Tiffany. your son is quite a photographer!! I love Our Lady's crown, (not to mention the statue) and those beautiful Marian hymms you all sang on "your pilgrimage." what a lovely sunny day it looked to be. doesn't it just fill all the crevices of your soul to crown Our Blessed Mother ? it does mine!

  4. How WONDERFUL! Some of my children used to do Blue Knights and Little Flowers some years back!
    LOVE that cupcake rosary! Happy May Crowning!

  5. Your son is a budding photographer in the making. He did capture wonderful angles and the sun light streaming through the trees is just gorgeous! What a fun celebration for the May Crowning of Mary.


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