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Monday, January 23, 2012

Life Multiplies Love

 I grew up with this comic strip and I still love it, to this day!  Isn't this a good one?
I found it particularly appropriate for this day of prayer and penance for LIFE as we multiply our love, not only in families with children, but for one another as children of God.  All human life is sacred and deserves love.

I am thankful to be pro-life.
As I see it, it has always been about choice...
Being the child of a young teen-aged Mother, I grew up realizing what could have been my fate had my Mother had "the choice" of distinguishing my life.  I have always been deeply grateful that she did have a choice but it centered around life...allowing me to live, one way or another.  Keeping a baby or giving them up for adoption were the main "choices" of that time...Abortion wasn't legal. Though my Mother's  life took a difficult turn with marriage and a baby to raise at a young age, she has never complained.  I learned a lot from what she did and never said about her choice.  I  was later blessed by 4 more siblings:)

My husband was also a child of that same generation of choices.  Given the situation that she found herself in, my husband's birth Mother chose to give him up for adoption.  He went on to be raised in a loving family by parents who suffered from infertility.  They also adopted a little girl so my husband had the privilege of growing up with a sister.  The choice of life saved his life.
Years later, I met my husband after I had been tragically widowed and my son was fatherless.  He later told me that it was easy to accept my son as his own because he, himself, was adopted.  Being a father was not about a blood relationship, just as he had known and learned from his own father.  Love was the choice and the choice was love.  Much like the relationship that Jesus had with Joseph, his foster father, my husband has fostered with our son.  
Who better to model this choice for love than the Holy Family?
Getting back to the comic strip, what a blessing that love has not been divided in my family. This same oldest son recently wrote about this in his college autobiography:
 "We have grown into a large family circle where love abounds.  We are all different but mutual unconditional love is what we have in common."
 Just like the Family Circus, our love has multiplied with 5 other children that my husband and I have since shared, losing one through miscarriage but loving still the same.
After all is said and done, love is the greatest choice there is!

 I am praying for all of those warriors who are Walking For Life today in Washington D.C. and looking forward to watching coverage on EWTN:)
We were sad to miss the Walk For Life (West Coast) this year but I am reflecting on the post I wrote last year and the fabulous testimony that we heard first hand from Abby Johnson.

 Be sure to visit Jen's Adoption blog and her post about the Sanctity of Life.  She offers a great vidoe there and I love that she included some wonderful resources for women who might be suffering from an abortion.  I know many women who have been hurt deeply by their abortion and what a great grace to know that there is healing and mercy to be found.  God's unfailing love is only a choice away!
Novena to St. John Bosco
Please join us in praying for hope, life and love. The St. John Bosco Novena started yesterday.
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  1. I love your story. God bless both of your ( you and your husband's) parents. What a testimony to multiplying love!

    Erin was at the walk again this year - she said it was very moving!

  2. Thanks for sharing your and your husband's family stories with us all today, Tiffany. Isn't adoption wonderful? God forms families with love! My daughter was born on the anniversary of Roe v. Wade, and is a testament to the "love that multiplies," as you say, when birthmothers choose life and adoption instead of death. And I must say you are the prettiest baby -- look at those eyes and lashes!

  3. I love your post Tiffany! Beautiful! God bless you and your beautiful mothering. Beautiful and precious photos!

    I also like the comic strip! lol! blessings to you and your family!

  4. Oh my goodness, what precious baby photos!! Thanks for sharing your beautiful stories and your husband is so correct, love is a choice that we make. Thanks for linking back to my blog, I appreciate it :) Oh, and my husband has also had a strong devotion to St. Joseph.

  5. Sniff, sniff! Beautiful post! Adorable pictures! God bless, Annita +JMJ+

  6. Ditto what Mom2Seven wrote!!

    I, too, receive those novenas. I am excited to know I will now pray mine knowing you and a few other bloggy friends are praying them at the same time! They are so convenient aren't they?

  7. What a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your stories and celebrating life..

  8. Great pro-life post and I love the comic...That's coming from a momma of 9. Ya, we multiply here too! Thanks for following me. I've been following you for more than a month. You have a wonderful blog! God Bless!


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