Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Little Cups of Grace

I started a file some time ago entitled Gallons of Grace...1 Cup At A Time.  The idea was to  write/blog about the moments of grace that God gives us if we just quiet ourselves for a moment to hear Him out.  I am not always the best at doing this, being the ultimate busy-body-multi-tasker, so it was a great "reminder to self" more than anything else.  I began journaling about these moments of grace to remind myself of God's presence and the gift he gives us of Himself at ALL times.  Even in those dark, lonely, or just plain, every day challenging moments of our lives; He is waiting to sit down with us and pour out a little cup of grace (or two:)  Before we know it, gallons of grace fill us up... one precious cup at at time. 

Well, this week has been a little bit stink-y.  
Let's just say that people can disappoint us...Often those who are the closest to us.  
Along with minor inconveniences and financial strains that consume my brain, I am quite aware that the devil is prowling around, tapping me on the shoulder as I work through my daily Surrender.  With a hard working husband gone most of the week, I should be strong in holding down the fort, yet I am weak.  It's a battle, I tell ya!

The first little cup of grace...came during my sanity Rosary walk.  It felt so good to get back on track.  I'm not moving too terribly fast right now but it feels good to MOVE, period.  This moving and praying combination always leaves my cup open for a little grace to be poured in.   Thank you, Lord, I'll sip to that!

The second little cup of grace...came upon picking up one of my favorite devotional reading books, The Imitation of Christ.  If you don't know about this book, it's a true gem.  It's one that I don't read every day but pick up periodically when I need a real shot in the arm soul.  Like the bible when you pick it up and open it randomly providentially, you will most certainly read what God wants you to at that very moment!

In the heart-struggle with being disappointed by someone close to me, the book fell open to the Considerations For Leading An Interior Life....
Here is what I read:
"How quickly people change and fail us; but Christ abides forever (Jn 12:34) and remains at our side to the end.
No confidence is to be placed in mortal human beings, no matter how helpful they may be or how dear to us, for we are all frail.  Neither should you be downcast if one day they are on your side and the next day they are against you; for humans are changeable like the wind.
Therefore, put your complete trust in God and let Him be the center of your love and fear.  He will answer for you and will do what He sees best for you." (pg. 68)
Whoa, thank you, Jesus!

Then the next passage REALLY helped me put a change into action.  It's nice to read something that is helpful but harder to shift your thoughts or know how to DO something about it.  This was perfect!

"If you are unable to contemplate the Godhead, then let your thoughts dwell on the Passion of Christ, finding in those sacred wounds a home.  If you fly to the wound in Christ's side, you will find comfort in all your troubles.  You will not care then if others despise you, and will easily bear up under criticism."
Perfect shift...And a beautiful thing I can DO...
It was a grrrrreat reminder to read this next:
"When our Lord lived on earth He was looked down upon by people, and in the hour of His great need, He was left by His friends to bear insults and shame.  

And this really hit home!
"Be silent and endure for awhile and you will experience the help of God in your need."  
Gulped down this cup of grace!

The third little cup of grace came from dear Anne over at Imprisoned In My Bones.  I always call her "dear Anne" because I think she is such a dear!   (I have never met her but I can just tell she's a dear:) She selected this blog for a Liebster Award...Liebster is an endearing word of 
German origin meaning dear, good, beloved, lovely, and welcome.  The award is designed for little blogs, less than 200 followers.  Yay, I love being little:)  

If you haven't visited Anne, be sure to do so.  I am always inspired by her.  Her writing is like a beautiful love story between her and the Lord.  Thank you, Anne...I am truly honored.  Now I have to choose 5 little blogs to pass this on to.  Hmmm, I will have a tough time narrowing that one down! 

Moving forward with the rest of the week...I am grateful for a little peace in my heart, a song in my soul, and a few cups of grace under my belt.
"The Advocate, the Holy Spirit, Whom the Father will send in My Name, will teach you everything and remind  you of all that I have said to you.  Peace I leave  with you, My peace I give to you."~Jn 14:26~


  1. deo gratias! may you continue to reign in His grace and remain united with Him.

    continued prayers.

    Ad Jesum per Mariam

  2. That is one of my favorite books. I have not picked it up in a long time, but I will now. I never fail to be moved by what I read. I am sorry that you are having a hard time, but thank you for sharing your cups of grace.

  3. Yeah for cups of grace!!! Beautiful post and so near and dear to my heart! As far as having a hard time at home alone keeping the fort up and running, that is a tough, tough job! I only had a small taste of it over Thanksgiving and cannot imagine doing it more often. I love the phrase a priest said to me once, "Welcome to humanity. Still under construction." Amen.

  4. Did you pick up your saint at my blog?

    Did you notice that his favorite book was The Imitation of Christ??

    St. Charbel

    Wanted to also tell you that your photography is so lovely. Lots of great pics here. God bless your 2012, friend.

  5. Tiffany, your cups of grace are wonderful! Who writes a love story with the Lord? You do! I think it's so beautiful that even in the midst of a bad day filled with disappointment you put aside time to pray and consider His great love for you! You are a beautiful soul!

  6. A very thoughtful post! My husband travels weekly and has for our entire marriage, so I understand that struggle. I actually keep THE IMITATION OF CHRIST in my purse. Happy weekend, Tiffany! ~Annita +JMJ+ P.S. We DID make your cake, and it was very, very good... thank you!


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