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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Lenten Burlap Calvary Canvas Art

In my previous post, I mentioned a new found love that I have for using burlap to decorate Lent in the home, as it represents sackcloth used in early Christian penitential sacrifices.
When I picked up this burlap at Hobby Lobby last week, I picked up white canvas boards and these products there as well.  I had a very special project in mind...
The Hill of Calvary has a meaningful place in my heart, not only as the place of Our Lord's Passion, but also the burial place of my dear, late, husband, Chris.  The cemetery where Chris is laid to rest is Calvary Cemetery and it is fitting that he is buried at the top of the hill, as he too died on Good Friday, (1994) sacrificing his life...Defending his family in love.  I never stop missing him, especially as Lent rolls around year after year.
It's difficult to find Calvary Hill artwork so I decided to make my own.  This came from the heart alone~NO skill required but cutting and glueing! (I still claim my craft-handicapped disability;-)  It is very easy and inexpensive.
Step 1:
Use masking tape to outline the crosses on 3 black pieces of felt.  I used an 11x18 size canvas.

Step 2:
Cut-to-fit and cover white canvas frame with burlap and hot glue.
Step 3:
Cut out the felt crosses, using your masking tape as a guide.
Use a few pieces of the scraps to design your "hill."
Step 4:
Leave masking tape in tact to prevent the glue from seeping through.  Use tacky glue to adhere the backside (masking tape) to the burlap frame.
Step 5:
Do you save old buttons?  My mother-in-law does!  We used them to fill in decorate the hill...All colors, shapes, and sizes, to represent all of us whom Christ died for out of the greatest of love.

My 10 yo daughter wanted to use paint to design her own Calvary Canvas.  I was inspired by something similar that my friend Christa did on white canvas last year for Easter...I think she found it on Pinterest?  If I gather the link, I will certainly share it here. {I recently joined Pinterest so I'm trying to fumble my way around there without spending too much time on it!}  My friend Patty also used a similar technique for some cute snowflake art.

Instead of white, we used the extra burlap we had to wrap this 5X7 canvas. (Same procedure mentioned above)

She used masking tape to design/mark her crosses...
Then picked colors of acrylic paint that she thought represented the sky on Good Friday and painted over the masking taped crosses.
It didn't look very attractive until we peeled off the tape when it dried!
This 5x7 size fits nicely inside a large wreath...

But she opted for her room! 
(We had this stencil on hand so she added the word Hope at the bottom...Fitting indeed:)

+Praying your Lent is leading you closer to Calvary, where we find hope at the Foot of the Cross+


  1. darling crafts/art for lent and beyond. you are creating a lovely legacy for your dear family - ALL FOR!

    continued prayers for a blessed and fruitful lenten journey. may you continue to cooperate with His grace.

    as Jesum per Mariam, lena

    p.s. i have the same/similar iron mirror in my entry way. :)

  2. I loved all your decor ideas in your last post and the art work in this one! I've been trying to come up with a craft to do with my kiddo and some of his cousins and this might work well!

    Praying you are having a blessed lenten season.

    1. Thank you, Jessica! Hope you all had a fun cousin visit:) Your Lenten prayers are much appreciated...It's been hard for me this year!

  3. Very, very nice! I've been seeing some crafty, lenten art projects in the blogosphere today. Thanks for the link up ;) and the ideas!

    1. Thanks Patty! Do share the crafty ideas you found...I haven't seen too many...?

  4. Oh Tiffany, how beautiful they turned out! Both of them uniquely beautiful and heartfelt. The burlap enhances the meaning of Lent in both of them. May have to try this one out with my class :) May God bless you and your family!

    1. Thank you, Noreen! It really is a very easy thing to do...I think your class would love it, especially on smaller sized canvas...Just tape the crosses, cut and glue! God bless all you offer to those sweet little souls:)

  5. These turned out lovely. Great idea - and I am happy to see that you're supporting Hobby Lobby out of all the options there are for purchasing crafting supplies. They need our prayers and support!

    1. Thanks, Heather! If I had more $$, I'd support them a lot more. I offer my prayers as well!

  6. OOOh, Tiffany, I love this! You are so creative! I really like the black cross one, with the buttons, so much symbolism can come out of that one, the buttons being us, people, the buttons being just the glory of the Ressurection...Love it!

    1. Aww, I don't feel like I'm all that creative but thanks, Jamie! Thanks for stopping by:)

  7. I LOVE your decorating style (I have that mirror up above my mantel with a large hand-carved crucifix in front...I noticed your angels, too (oh! those buffet table lamps...) . I have angels throughout my home - once a delivery guy was bringing in an appliance and as he left, he commented "It's like heaven in here with all these angels". Ha-ha. Not sure if was a compliment or not, but I love my angels - they lift up my spirit!
    I've been enjoying your blog, very inspiring and lovely!

    1. Thanks for stopping by, Valerie! I love the comment by your delivery guy...I think it was definitely a compliment:) God bless!

  8. I love that craft - you are so talented! Your house looks gorgeous :) I pinned it!!

  9. Like, Love, and Pinned this post to my "Easter" board! So creative and beautiful! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed Easter Tiffany! :)


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