Listen to God's voice at the foot of the crucifix." ~St. Gaspar del Bufaro~

Saturday, April 17, 2010

Free!...Downloadable Grace!

Ah- ha!  Did I get your attention?  I know that it got MY attention this morning!  I went out for a walk bright and early, looking for a little quiet time after a long and busy week of mothering.  As I walked a long, I was struck by God's glory all around me.  At the same time, I was ashamed of myself for not being more thankful, more often, for the beautiful gifts He gives us.  I was reminded that He pours us gallons of grace every day and sometimes I don't even drink a cup!    I  am often consumed by my daily mothering and life duties that I fail to receive God's grace, His free love, "downloadable" in an instant.  Today I was blessed to be able to download 3 free cups of grace!  I am also linking this as part of "Hearts for Home."
Cup of Grace #1:
As I walked a long this morning, I was listening to a Christian song on my ipod about new life in Christ.  Suddenly I rounded a corner and came upon this glorious pink Dogwood tree.  (Photo above) My heart was prompted to pray for all those who have recently received new life in Christ, especially during this Easter Season.   I couldn't help but take a picture (with my phone) of this beautiful tree that appeared like new life, nestled in among the other green trees.  And don't they appear like the Trinity?  God's love was shining forth in this marvelous scene...It was a reminder that we are all new life in HIM... Cup of Grace #1.

Cup of Grace #2:
Farther into the walk, I received the second cup of grace.  Our family is blessed that we are able to walk to our church from home.  We are doubly (is that a word?) blessed to have one of the most beautiful Marian shrines in the area.  This morning, the shrine was particularly glorious.  There were fresh flowers, newly planted, and the sunlight was streaming through the back drop of the olive trees.  This is a beautiful place for reflection and prayer, honoring the Mother of God and Our Mother.  Yep, Cup of Grace #2!
Cup of Grace #3:
The third cup of grace came at the end of my walk.  This is a Veteran Memorial at a neighborhood park. At the moment I was walking by the memorial, the song, Amazing Grace, began playing on my ipod.  How's that for immediate download?  The kicker is that the benches and garden were created by my brother as his Eagle project, 15 years ago.  They were done in memory of my late husband, also dearly loved by my brother. (Plaque photo below is at the foot of the benches.)  Today, as I payed my respects at the memorial, there were newly planted flowers there too.  God's masterpieces were abundantly on display and the flag of our freedom was brilliantly waving.  My heart was overflowing with thanksgiving for this place of honor, beauty, and memory. Oh yes, it was definitely Cup of Grace #3!

God's grace is abundant for a reason.  He loves us so that we can better love others.  I am renewed in spirit this morning on this walk full of grace.  Once again, like the song, he has "saved a wretch like me.."  I am ready to walk back into my home a bit rejuvinated.  It might be crazy sometimes but it is full of bustling love.   And I know God's Grace will sustain me.  I am renewed in spirit and ready to "download" my next cup of grace!


  1. Thanks for sharing your gracefilled morning!

    I can closely relate to the need to meditate on all the opportunities for grace that Our Heavenly Father has waiting for us if we only say, YES. I've been listening to Marie Bellet's Ordinary Time. "....may I never yearn for....may I finally learn to be happy and have patience with the constant changing rhythm of this ordinary time."

    Pax Christi - Lena

  2. Hi Lena- Is Ordinary Time a name of one of Marie Bellet's songs? I was looking for it on some of my CD's and couldn't find it...I have 3 but they are older...
    God Bless your week!~T~

  3. You can watch Marie Bellett's video of Ordinary Time here.


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